What Is Our Plan To Help Make Disciples?

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The L.I.F.E. Network will consist of small groups formed in Red Lodge and
throughout Carbon County for the purpose of making disciples of Jesus
Christ. In these groups people will experience unconditional love, receive
Biblical instruction, develop life long friends, and learn to follow the
example of Christ through a mentoring relationship. Our small groups
will be called L.I.F.E. Groups and will consist of a Leader, an Apprentice,
and a Host. Each L.I.F.E. Group Leader and Apprentice will practice the
“Eight Highly Effective Habits of Small Group Leaders.” (Dave Earley) The
Apprentice will develop leadership skills in preparation for starting
another L.I.F.E. Group. The Host will provide a place for the group to
meet, and he or she will prepare refreshments. The groups will be
networked together by studying the same material, worshipping together
in Red Lodge on Sundays, and doing ministry and missions together at
various times and locations.


“There are so many exhortations to love one another in the New
Testament that any group that does not have love as its main goal needs
to reconsider it priorities.” David Earley (Mark 12:33, ff. & John13:34)


The Leader of the group will be responsible for delivering Biblical
instruction as prescribed by the Pastor or those given responsibility for
the L.I.F.E. Network. The Word of God will be shared, discussed, and
applied to real life situations.


Everybody needs friends. The Biblical term used to describe what
happens between friends is fellowship. Within the group people will grow
in their relationships with God and with one another.


Group Leaders will set the example for the members and continually
point them in the direction of following the example of Jesus Christ.

The L.I.F.E. Network will function as the core Disciple-Making activity of
Church of the Rockies.


The L.I.F.E. Network
This visual aid pictures the strategy for reaching Carbon County and
establishing a regional church planting church with L.I.F.E. Groups in each community.


How Will Church Of The Rockies Reach Out?

Our evangelism strategy is simple and straightforward. Make friends and
reach people for Jesus Christ. Making friends and being a friend was a
part of Jesus’ life, and it gets to the heart of what a relationship with God
is all about. In John 15:12-15 Jesus calls those following Him, friends.
In James 2:23 we read “Abraham was called the friend of God.” We
believe that Jesus reached out to people and reached people through
friendship. The story in Mark 2:13-17 is an example of this. Building
genuine relationships with people is the primary way we will attempt to
lead people to faith in Jesus Christ.

“Every community has a story… And that particular context must be
thoroughly understood and considered by any church wanting to make
an impact on its community in a meaningful way.” (Robert Lewis) Church
of the Rockies will seek to understand the real needs of the community
as well as the major issues and challenges we face. We will work to meet
those needs by:

  • Caring for the community
  • Cooperating with the community
  • Creating new opportunities for the community

Community Care Teams will be the backbone of our organizational
structure. As we grow, CCTs will be formed with specific areas of our
community in mind.

Examples are as follows:
Community Care Team A will reach out to the academic community;
Community Care Team B will reach out to the business community;
Community Care Team C will reach out to those in our community who
work in the area of critical care, and the ministry will grow and expand
as the Lord leads.

Each Community Care Team will have a CCT Leader that will be
responsible for the following:

  1. Gather a team to assist in planning, preparing, and executing a
    CCT event once a quarter.
  2. Manage the activity or event within the designated budget amount.
  3. Promote activities and events so the entire church can be involved
    through prayer…
  4. Follow up the event with the appropriate letters, phone calls…
  5. Meet with the Pastor, Staff, and other leadership to plan the annual
  6. Participate in the Quarterly Church Celebration by sharing about
    recent Community Care Ministry.
  7. Community Care Team Leaders will serve for one year.
  8. CCTs will form around the event being planned and then dissolve after the follow up has been completed.
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