Church of the Rockies - Response to COVID-19

Church of the Rockies – Response to COVID-19


Schedule Change:

For the next two weeks we will not host Common Ground in Red Lodge, or Roberts. We love our community and value our relationships with our friends and neighbors. We will re-evaluate the situation in two weeks, and make a decision about when to start having community meals again.Connect Groups- Our small group Bible studies will transition to an online format. You will receive an email with a link and some directions on how to join us. You will be able to participate from the comfort of your own home.

Responding to the Current Crises:

I know that many people are concerned about the spread of Covid-19, and I think it is prudent for us to take precautions for our own health and safety, and to follow the common sense steps recommended by the CDC, like washing our hands regularly, sanitizing frequently touched items, stay at home if you or anyone in your family is sick, etc. I also want to encourage you to trust in the Lord and pray. Pray for those people who are infected by the virus (most of whom will make a full recovery), pray for those families who have lost loved ones in death to this virus. Pray for the spread of the virus to stop. Be a good neighbor! This is not a time for us to be selfish. We need to live out the gospel by loving our neighbor as ourselves, and by considering others before we consider ourselves. Share what you have with those who are without. Be a true demonstration of faith, not fear. Share the gospel of Jesus Christ, and activate love in the lives of those around you who are panicking or scared. The church should respond differently than the world does in times like these. Allow God to use you today!

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