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“Invite Your One: The Great Responsibility”
July 23, 2023

“Invite Your One: The Great Responsibility”

Passage: Matthew 28:16-20
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What does Jesus say in Matthew 28:16-20?
He makes a great claim, He makes a great command, and He makes a great promise.

I. The privileges of God's love come with the responsibility for all nations.
- Romans 1:14-15 - we have a debt to every lost person on earth
- Romans 1:16 - I am owned by Christ, so I owe Christ to the world.
- Our responsibility is to see the Great Commission completed.

II. God will save people. And He wants to use you.
- The greatest ability is availablility.

5 key verbs in Matthew 28:19-20
- GO: implies crossing boundaries.
- MAKE: implies a "work in progress."
- BAPTIZE: our entire identity changes when we are saved.
- TEACH: literally mean "keep on teaching."
- REMEMBER: God is with you through it all.

Conclusion: You do the Great Commission as an act of worship.